Wednesday Layouts

N Scale

Cumberland Valley RR

22' X 38' Scenery: 95% DC


      Located in a 22’x38’ basement, it is a single level  layout started in 1976.  It models three railroads, PRR, N&W, and WM which all met in

Hagerstown, Md.  The layout is operations oriented and represents RR traffic in the 1950’s (steam and diesel).  Throttles are DC memory walkaround,

5 assigned to main line operators and 2 in Shomo yard.  APBS signals are dispatcher controlled.  Articles on the CVS have been published in

Model Railroader, N Scale, N Scale Railroading, Railmodel Journal, Model Railroading and several books.  The trackwork is 100% complete and scenery Is 95% finished.

       Be aware, the layout has two duck-under’s and a few narrow aisles.


Standard  "O"

Lionel Post War Collection

18' X 20' Scenery: 0% ZW


This fabulous collation of post War Lionel roll stock.  If you had a Lionel layout when you were young I am sure you can find that engine you had on your layout.  Hundreds of rolling stock with no two the same. It’s not N scale but something you need to see.


HO HOn3 N Scale

Elmhurst Model Railroad Club

  Scenery: 80% DC DCC


The Elmhurst Model Railroad Club, home of the Illinois Western Railroad. We have both HO,HOn3 and N scale layouts depicting a nostalgic look at life as it was in the Midwest in the 40's, 50's and 60's.

Scenes vary from rolling hillsides and farms to a large steel mill. You can also experience real life railroading right outside our front door.


Layouts are only a part of the club's total picture. Our club constitution states:

"The purpose of the club shall be to encourage the building and operating of model railroad layouts for members use and for exhibition. A secondary purpose shall be to encourage friendship and to promote the hobby of model railroading."

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