8. Home Layouts Sat AM

8. Home Layouts Sat AM

Salt Lake City Home Layouts #3 AM
June 23, Sat Home Layouts AM


Our Price$25.00

This is the Last of our home layout tours and will be repeated Saturday afternoon.
To see all Layouts you need to sign up for one morning or afternoon tour on Wednesday, Friday and Saturday.

HO Scale Steven Blodgett's Central Pacific & Union Pacific
28' X 12' Scenery: 80% CVP DCC

Steve’s Bear River RR is a fictitious short line connecting the Central Pacific and the Union Pacific RR in the 1880’s, none of those new-fangled horse-less carriages to be seen.

The basement train room is 28 x 12ft, with round-the-room bench work and a peninsula down the middle. The RR travels through towns, farmland, mountains, and canyons. Scenery is about 80% complete. The layout features Steve’s artistry when it comes to structures, trestles, and weathering. Structures are either kits, kit-based, or scratch built representing the era around the 1880’s in the western United States. Steve runs both freight and passenger service all steam and no diesels.(but he does have some in his display case) Steve has been working on his layout for about 20 years and has hand laid all 200 feet of his track and turnouts. Steve’s layout is at eye level, but he has plenty of foot stools to stand on. A must see scene is the Hotel scene and surrounding farm buildings in the south west corner of the room. A CVP DCC system powers the layout.

Beautiful backdrop painting is by Rob Spangler. Photos are oaky but please no outside food or drinks.


N Scale Brian Brendel's C & O Mountain Subdivision
22' X 38' Scenery: 80% DC Basement stairs access

Brian’s N Scale C&O Mountain Subdivision has 80% completed bench work and sub roadbed, 100% completed backdrop, a section of track that runs on DC for the time being, and is just beginning the scenery process of planting about 70 gazillion trees. The layout was designed by Bernard Kempinski and is featured in his recent layout design book for Kalmbach. Layout dimensions overall are 22' x 38' and include a staging "mole", a trip thru the restroom, and future hidden furnace room staging. It models the present day Mountain Sub as though it was still owned by the CSX. (Buckingham Branch Line are actual present owners, with CSX trackage rights, and Amtrak 3 times a week for the New York-Washington-Chicago Cardinal.) The layout is dated 2005 and runs from roughly Charlottesville, Virginia through Clifton Forge to Covington, Virginia. The Mountain Sub is the highest point on the C & O, and offers Eastern Mountain railroading through areas of single tracking and a future large yard at Clifton Forge, and several large future industries including Lehigh Cement in Craigsville and the Westvaco Paper Plant in Covington.
Drinks and photos will be allowed as long as you don’t take one of Brian.


HO Scale Rob Spangler's Western Pacific’s 8th Subdivision
30' X 30' Scenery: 0.05% DCC


Rob’s Western Pacific’s 8th Subdivision is a photo-freelanced extension of the WP set in Utah in the 1978-1982 era. The layout is approximately 30 x 30 ft. The layout has been under construction for about five years and is nearly 90% complete. Scenery and building details are outstanding. He has several levels and a lower deck staging yard. The mainline is nearly 100% finished along with the backdrops and fascia. Construction details include the use of structural backdrops to reinforce the 60-foot long serpentine peninsula, and octagonal helix. Rob has used codes 83, 70 and 55 flex track installed with caulk. Control is NCE DCC.
Drinks and photos will be allowed.


HO Scale Allen McCallum's Free Lance
17' X 40' & 13' X 35' Scenery: 0.05% DCC

Allen’s layout has a closed loop mainline, mostly double track with a hidden staging yard in the middle. A branch line runs up to some mines and includes a hidden staging track on the branch. Track work is 95% complete and running and is a folded bowl of spaghetti track plan. Allen has about a 140 foot loop of main line and a long branch line. Track is Micro Engineering, bonded with contact cement. Several new buildings have been added in the city and town scenes especially around the refinery and the engine house. New scenery up in the big canyon area along with newly painted backdrops. A new bridge and semaphore signals have been added on the branch line. Many new vehicles and figures have been added on the layout, even a new train or two. The basement train room is 17 x 40 ft. with the layout being 13 x 35 feet and occupies almost the complete room except for the aisles.



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