7. Home Layouts Fri AM

7. Home Layouts Fri AM

Salt Lake City Home Layouts #2 AM
June 22, Fri Home Layouts AM

Our Price$25.00

This is the Second of our home layout tours and will be repeated Friday afternoon.
To see all Layouts you need to sign up for one morning or afternoon tour on Wednesday, Friday and Saturday.

HO Scale Blaine Holbrook's Northern Utah Division
..... Scenery: 100% CMRI DCC





HO Scale Geoff Carter's Geoff's Plywood Prairie
26' X 40' Scenery: 100% DCC CTC system controlled by CMRI hardware and JMRI.



HO Scale John Nichol's The Great Northern
14' X 33' Scenery: 75% DCC



John’s intricate HO layout represents the steam—diesel transition through the 1950’s in a mountain railroad theme. Key features of this 14’ x 33’ layout include the loop to loop with bypass for continuous running. Mountains, bridges, trestles and two branch lines are highlights of John’s layout. 


HO Scale Warren Johnson's Union Pacific & Utah Railway

11' X 30' Scenery: 100% DC


Warren’s spectacular HO layout depicts the 1965—1999 time period, the same 34 -year period that Warren worked for the Union Pacific. The layout’s theme is "Weber Canyon, Echo Canyon and Martin, UT.” Most track is hand laid on individual ties. Warren’s layout was featured in the August 1996 issue of Model Railroading. The mainline is 230 feet long and is great for long trains.



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