Convention News

Greetings from your National N Scale Convention management team.  Dick and I, as well as the entire Board of the N Scale Enthusiast, are excited about the upcoming Convention.   Since, we were able to add the much asked for Train excursion event to the schedule, this has proven to be wildly successful and is close to being sold out.  Many of the other events are proving to be highly popular, including the General Jackson showboat cruise on the Cumberland River as well as the Convention Banquet.  In conjunction with N-Trak/T-Trak, there are two full ballrooms of layouts and we are using the 4800 square foot foyer of the main convention Ballroom for an additional layout. There is a lot to see and do at the Convention, as well as that Music thing which Nashville is known for.

Nonetheless, the management team and the NSE Board are certainly aware that there are concerns about recent events, both globally and locally, that could impact the upcoming Convention.  Please be assured, that there is nothing more important that having a fun Convention that is both healthy and safe for the attendees.

First, about the recent Tornados and accompanying severe storms that impacted the Nashville area, there was damage sustained to one of the layouts that is featured on one of our tours.  Fortunately, none of the rolling stock was lost and while the outdoor layout was damaged, the owner/operator has assured us all will be fixed by 1 June 2020.  Since this layout is a marquee attraction on a Garden layout convention being held before our convention, over 150 people have volunteered to work on fixing the track, infrastructure and scenery that was impacted.  So, the N Scale attendees will benefit from seeing the efforts of that work and a basically rebuilt railroad.  Should be a great tour.

Another dramatic sight was the airport featured on many newscasts showing near complete destruction with pieces scattered across the entire property.  This was an “executive airport” used by private and charter aircraft.  Nashville International Airport was not impacted and remains fully operational.  The weather is always a factor in every Convention event and caution will be exercised if there are severe conditions or storm warnings during our stay in Nashville.  As always, for those longer convention trips/tours, drinking water will be available and we strongly encourage staying safe from the Sun and use appropriate sun protection.

Secondly, about the concerns regarding the Covid-19, Corona Virus, outbreak that is currently impacting everything around the entire world.   Your convention managers and the NSE Board are monitoring local, state and federal guidelines regarding precautions and best practices for our Convention.  At this time, we are proceeding with the Convention and will work with the Hotel to provide the safest possible environment for the attendees.  There might be some changes in certain amenities, such as throwaway plastic cups for the drinking water vs. traditional glassware as an example.  The traditional Banquet buffet will still be offered, but perhaps with small changes to ensure a healthy environment.  We will ask for additional cleaning services for the common Convention areas as deemed necessary.  Likewise, we ask that all attendees use best practices to ensure everyone enjoys themselves at the Convention.

While it is too early to speculate about airline schedule changes, it would be wise to check with your carrier often to see if they are changing schedules, which could result in an impact. 

The website, will carry any and all updates as things develop and as the Convention draws nearer.  Dick and I, as well as the entire NSE Board, look forward to seeing everyone in Nashville, where the biggest N Scale announcement of the year will take place.  One hint, it will be the location of the next Convention……

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