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Q. David & Liesel, it sounds like you are enthused to have us descending on your fair city. Mining, how far away is the Kennicott open pit mine? Is it still in operation, and is there a historic railroad that runs the old mine equipment? Part of what I'm thinking about maybe in Nevada. Al

A. To answer your question, Yes Kennecott is still a working mine. They have kept up on the technology so all of the old rail lines have been updated, there are NO antiques still running out there. A few years ago the mine tailings started to collapse back into the pit so they have closed public access for safety reasons. You can drive out on UT 201 toward Tootle/Salt Air and see the smelter and the rail yard there but there is no public access to the property. It would be another 90 minutes west before you came to Wendover UT and West Wendover NV. There isn't much rail out there that's worth seeing, it's all freight lines. The next mining town would be another 2 hours west to Elko. Again, the mines are not publicly accessible.

If you're wanting to drive to see working mines or do a mine tour, Park City Silver Mine tour is available. It's only 45 minutes east of Salt Lake and they have a website. The only mines that you can see are the coal mines in Price and Helper UT. They are a 90 minute drive south east of Salt Lake. Let us know if you'd like a map of the area and we'll have it ready when you need it.

Q. What is the nearest RV park in the area closest to the Convention Center? - Andy

A.These are the 2 closest RV parks.

Salt Lake City KOA 1400 West North Temple. ,local phone 801-328-0224. This one you could even ride local commuter tracks to within a block of the hotel. Or a 10 to 15 minute drive.

Pony Express RV Resort 1012 West Recreation Way., local phone 801-355 -1550. This one is about 20 minutes from the hotel.

Any other RV park is going to be over a half hour away.



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