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Ask The Anchors


Hi Friends! Have you ever wondered what to do around the convention town that isn't offered as a tour or activity? Well, this year an email is getting setup to ASK THE ANCHOR. This means that you can ask any question that you have about the city, state, or things to do on your own and get your answers before you arrive for the fun and tours.

Say you would like to visit some local hobby stores; well, there are 3 or 4 in Utah. How about a craft/quilt store? We will have a list of those ready. Or are you looking for a certain style of food other than the major chains, we can point you in the right direction. While the convention committee was out here solidifying our outings, they requested an ice cream shop (Not Cold Stone!!) and we found the perfect place. If you would like clarification on the liquor laws, we can straighten them out so you can understand our "crazy” laws. Don't worry, you can get a drink but remember the DUI is 0.05 BAC.

Salt Lake does have a mass transit system for you to get around on (UTA). We will look into having bus routes, trax (light rail), and frontrunner timetables for you (fares too). There is Uber and Lyft as well as taxi services so you can get out and bout. While you may not want to walk there, a grocery store is within a mile of the hotel if you want snacks for your room. There is also a Wal-Mart Super Center within a 10 minute drive from the hotel.

For you genealogy buffs, the LDS Church archives are right down town. They have a staff of wonderful individuals ready to help you get down to business finding that eccentric aunt. Tours are also offered at the Temple Square. For those of you who like to practice your religion, we can locate the closest place to our hotel and the times they meet for you.

If you found something on Google but are unsure of its distance from the hotel, we can give you directions or tell you if it would be worth your drive/time. Utah is known for talking in minute/hours for distance from a location. Salt Lake and most of Utah works on a grid system with most streets having a number instead of a name. If you know the center or 0 street, you will go the compass directions (NSEW) from there. Main Street is center or 0 street, State Street is 100 E, and so forth. West Temple is 100 W, then 200 W, etc. North Temple is 0 North and South Temple is 100 S. With the hotel as base, the mountains closest to the hotel are to the east.

If you are coming with kids, there is an amusement park north of Salt Lake and several water parks in the valley. There is Hogle Zoo and the Living Planet Aquarium nearby as well. If you want to ice skate where the Olympians did in 2002, the Olympic oval is located in Kearns (about 30 minutes from the hotel). There are other Olympic venues up in Park City to visit if you have a car and would like to have your own day trip. Please remember we are a High Altitude desert state. Water to drink is very important.

As this year's Anchor Team, we are excited to help you discover our state and cities. At the hotel, we will have our room marked and you can dropby to get your information and pick up a bottle of water. In the meantime, please don't hesitate to dropus a line and ask your questions.

Dave and Liesel Polichette


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