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Join us this year on the first floor Clinics,Midway Auditorium Alta room where we have gathered a fantastic group of presenters.

Friday June 28, 2019

9:00 am Fine Tuning Locomotives using DecoderPro – Paul Bender
This clinic will go through basic and advanced features of JMRI's DecoderPro software for programming locomotive decoders. The main focus will be on using DecoderPro for tuning locomotive speeds in order to balance the performance of multiple engines in an engine consist. We will also touch on tuning sound equipped locomotives.
10:00 am Setting Up and Operating Digital Command Control for Multi-Club Layouts- John Wallis

This clinic will discuss the issues encountered and problems involved in successfully setting up multi-club layouts (NTRAK, T-TRAK or other) in convention hall environments such that train operation can be reliable and continuous. It will include the issue of wireless and smartphone throttle operation in electrically noisy environments.

11:00 am Intro to T-TRAK – Ray Chaffee
I will discuss the history of TTRAK, standards, modules, resources, Kato track, and shows.
I will show modules and track and handout Kato material. I generally have a kit from each of the module manufacturers
Noon – Lunch Break
1:00 pm Frieght Car Forwarding Uinsg OperationsPro – Paul Bender
This clinic will discuss using JMRI's OperationsPro software to generate Switch lists for operations and car forwarding. We will discus basic setup of a layout for operations along with a few commonly used advanced features.
2:00 pm Introduction to TroveStar - George Michaels
1) Why did we create TroveStar? How NTRAK folks often become 'accidental collectors'.
2) How to use TroveStar to help discover items that you might be interested in, such as by Road Name or Prototype or Body Style.
3) How to use TroveStar to track your collection.
4) How to sell your excess or unwanted items.
5) How to use TroveStar to learn more about the items you own such as the Railroad History (often courtesy of Bluford) and prototype details
6) How to create new items in TroveStar when you are trying to add something to your collection or sell something that is not already there.
3:00 pm Basic Signaling Using PanelPro – Paul Bender
This clinic will discuss the use of JMRI's PanelPro to build a signal control system for several basic signaling situations, such as passing sidings and crossings, and how these simple situations can be used to fully signal a layout.
4:00 pm General Q&A on anything N scale - panel
This is it. Now you get to ask those questions that you have been wanting to ask all year long – or maybe longer. We will have all our clinicians, including representatives from NTRAK, T-TRAK, Free-MoN and the convention.

7:30 pm:   Art Fahie – Bar Mills, Maine 

Saturday June 29, 2019


10:00 am - Peter Harris - "Build a heavy-duty depressed center well car in an hour”

                        Using a white metal kit from N Scale Kits, Peter Harris will work with you to build the car in the clinic. All the parts and tools required to build the car will be supplied at the clinic - just bring your modelling glasses! If you want, you can take the car away with you for a small fee and trucks, couplers and decals for the QTTX car will also be available - but advice how to make an older version of the car from the ‘40’s and ‘50’s will also be given.


11:00 am -Marc and Hans Starmans (The Netherlands) - “Optimizing sound decoders with Decoder Pro” -

These days sound is getting more prominent in N-scale and new locomotives models are often becoming available R-T-R with sound. But how do we get the most out of these decoders. How can we tweak them for the optimal sound experience? This clinic will demonstrate in an easy and safe way how we can optimize the settings of a couple of popular sound decoders using the Decoder Pro software.


12:00 pm - Keith M. Kohlmann - "Realistic Model Photography: How to Photograph Modules Outdoors"-

Have you ever wondered how some of those realistic model photos in N Scale Railroading magazine were created?  Join Keith as he walks you through some simple steps to creating realistic model photos.  Learn how to display your work in the "best light" possible, then stay for a stunning display of N scale models on the big screen!


1:00 pm - Steve Miazga - "Operations on an N Scale Model Railroad Without Losing Your Eyesight” -

                        Modeling in N Scale opens up great opportunities for running more prototypical length trains with outstanding scenery. But what happens when you want to take the layout to the next level and begin operating lots of trains with a group of fellow modelers. Clinic will cover the basics of how to develop and operating plan, issues to consider in scheduling trains to minimize “human body” interference during the sessions, promote fluid train movements with meets, and dealing with the issue of reading (or not) car numbers. The session will be based on the operating scheme I use on the Missabe Junction Railway. We typically run over 20 trains in a three hour session with a mix of switching, passenger meets, unit trains, way freights and MOW.


2:00pm  - Steve Miazga - "Using Your Computer to Support Your Hobby –Working with Microsoft Office and Other Utility Programs to Support Your Hobby” 

This clinic will focus on how to use Microsoft Word, Publisher and Excel to support your hobby. Examples shown include newsletters, custom decals, building and layout signage, accurate facia signing for train operations, timetables and more. We will also go over the powerful Snip-It tool and how you can use it. Clinic will be about half each presentation and demo.


3:00 pm - David Popp (Producer MR Video Plus and author of Build a Model Railroad Step by Step” - "Building the N scale Canadian Canyons layout"

                  Because of its potential for high scenery-to-trains ratio, N is a great scale for building mountain railroads. David Popp, producer for Model Railroader Video Plus, explains the design and construction techniques he and his team used to create the 5 x 8-foot L-shaped N scale Canadian Canyons layout. The railroad depicts modern-era Canadian Pacific and Canadian National’s joint transcontinental line following the Thompson and Fraser Rivers in British Columbia. The railroad is featured in a 70-part video series on, as well as a presented as a multi-part story in Model Railroader magazine, beginning in the January 2019 issue. David’s presentation combines video footage of the project, as well as a live question and answer session.      






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