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Hello from Utah! Dave and I are excited that you’re all coming out here. We can’t wait to show you our state.

I know that our state liquor laws are a bit "weird” but they are fairly simple. You will see signs in any establishment that serves alcohol stating that it is either a BAR or a RESTAURANT. The bars will not admit anyone under age to enter but the restaurants are family friendly.

At the restaurants, the wait staff will ask you to order your food before they bring you a drink.The bar staff will ask you to order appetizers with your drink. I know it sounds like we’re "naïve” but the lawmakers wanted to make it plain to those who do not drink.

There is a state liquor store within walking distance of the hotel. They are open M-S 11am to 7pm and closed on Sunday. They have a wide variety of choices and if you want something stronger that 3.2% beer, they have those too. You can purchase beer at the local groceries but it is all 3.2% alcohol (flavored water to some of us). Oh, and remember that our DUI limit is 0.05% BAC.

Please feel free to drop a line to us via the Ask the Anchor email link.

Liesel & Dave Polichette

 Q. David & Liesel, it sounds like you are enthused to have us descending on your fair city. Mining, how far away is the Kennicott open pit mine? Is it still in operation, and is there a historic railroad that runs the old mine equipment? Part of what I'm thinking about maybe in Nevada. Al 

 A. To answer your question, Yes Kennecott is still a working mine. They have kept up on the technology so all of the old rail lines have been updated, there are NO antiques still running out there. A few years ago the mine tailings started to collapse back into the pit so they have closed public access for safety reasons. You can drive out on UT 201 toward Tootle/Salt Air and see the smelter and the rail yard there but there is no public access to the property. It would be another 90 minutes west before you came to Wendover UT and West Wendover NV. There isn't much rail out there that's worth seeing, it's all freight lines. The next mining town would be another 2 hours west to Elko. Again, the mines are not publicly accessible.

If you're wanting to drive to see working mines or do a mine tour, Park City Silver Mine tour is available. It's only 45 minutes east of Salt Lake and they have a website. The only mines that you can see are the coal mines in Price and Helper UT. They are a 90 minute drive south east of Salt Lake. Let us know if you'd like a map of the area and we'll have it ready when you need it.

Q. What is the nearest RV park in the area closest to the Convention Center? - Andy

A.These are the 2 closest RV parks.

Salt Lake City KOA 1400 West North Temple. ,local phone 801-328-0224. This one you could even ride local commuter tracks to within a block of the hotel. Or a 10 to 15 minute drive.

Pony Express RV Resort 1012 West Recreation Way., local phone 801-355 -1550. This one is about 20 minutes from the hotel.

Any other RV park is going to be over a half hour away.

Q. We have an open day and an afternoon open during the convention and were looking for options to fill the time. Could we take a side trip to the Golden Spike site. How far away or how long to travel there? Also is there a botanical garden in the area. Is it possible to take a tour of the Mormon Temple? Will the Mormon Tabernacle Choir be performing anytime during the convention? Appreciate any data you might be able to provide.
Richard & Toni Kuehneman


A.  As far as seeing/touring an LDS Temple, they are closed to the public. Worthy members with temple recommends can enter. There are tours of the grounds and building surrounding the Temple that are open to any one. It includes the Tabernacle, Conference Center, Assembly Hall, and two visitor centers where the tours start. They begin at 9am and run all day. The Mormon Tabernacle Choir records most sunday mornings their Music and the Spoken Word program. The doors open at 8:30 am, close at 9:15am for the program, then ends at 10 am in the tabernacle. If you're staying long enough, I recommend seeing it.

The botanical garden in Salt Lake is The Red Butte Gardens. They are located 4.6 miles from the hotelon the east bench of the mountains and open 9 am to 9 pm during June. The admission price is $12 to $14 per senior/adult, children 3-17 are $7 and under 3 is free. They will close on days that they hold concerts but I can check for you the day of to make sure it's open.www.redbuttegarden.orgis the link to their site.

The Golden Spike Historic Site will be a mostly all day trip. It is 87.3 miles northeast of the hotel via I-15. It is open 9am to 5pm all week long. I'm not sure of the summer schedule as far as the trains being out on the track but they do let you into the shed if they are not out. Reenactments of the Historic event do not happen every day. We can have maps available for you to pick up when you get into town.



Can you please answer the following questions for me:

Richard Anderson

Q. What time do the morning and afternoon layout tours begin and how long do they last?A. Most morning tours start at 8:00 am and afternoon tours start around 1:00pm. Layout tours are about 4 hours long.

Q. Where is the pickup point for those tours?
Pick up and drop off are at the hotel. There will be signs to direct you to the right area.

Q. What time in the morning does the Heber RR trip begin and where do we have to go to catch it?
That information should be on the registration web page and again given to you when you register. Pick up will be as answered in #2.

Q. Is there transportation to the train's location and if so, is that included in the $57 price?

A. Yes, transportation to and from tour locations are included in the price of the tour and Lunch.

Q. What will be the days and hours for the convention floor (vendors)?
The Swap-a-Rama/public show is Friday and Saturday. Members get entrance Friday morning at 9:00 am, before the public gets entrance at 12:00 noon that day and ends at either 4 pm. Saturday is 9-4 and open to the public the whole time. For Vendor setup information use this link.   link    

Q. Time for the Manufacturers' Buffet shows 8 am. Do you have to be there by that time?
A. You don't have to arrive right when the doors open for the Manufacturers breakfast, but you might miss the first speaker.

Q.My wife and I are staying in Park City and don't know how long it will take us to get to the convention center.
Park City to the hotel will take you 45 minutes to one hour to commute.

Q.. What is included in the $85 registration fee?
The $85 registration includes; access to the welcome reception, Swap-a-Rama prior to public admittance, clinics, Auctions - live, plus the opportunity to sign up for the tours offered.

Q. Is public transportation available from the KOA RV park to the 

convention at the hotel. We do not do well driving or parking in
unfamiliar large cities.

A. If you are looking to ride mass transit, you can ride the Traxx green line from the KOA to the Courthouse stop. This will get you to within 2 blocks of the hotel. You can transfer to a bus (#451) but you might walk faster than waiting for the bus.

The trains run about every 15 minutes so you can catch one in time to arrive for the tours.

Here's the link for Ride UTA.

Uber and Lyft are also available as well as taxi services.

Thank you for your time.
Irv Goodroad, Trout
Creek, Mt


 Q. My wife is interested in knitting, and belongs to 4-5 knitting circles in the Houston area. Do you have recommendations for locally owned yarn shops in SLC?

Farrell Pitts


A. I have found 3 non-franchise yarn shops in Salt Lake City, one in Park City, and one in Ogden. If your wife is interested in going to these, I can have maps and directions printed and ready for you when you arrive at the convention.


  1. Blazing Needles in Salt Lake
  2. Wool Cabin in Millcreek (township)
  3. Willow Hill Yarn in Gardner Village (W. Jordan)
  4. Wasatch & Wool Yarns in Park City
  5. Knit Craft Studios in Ogden.

If you don't mind the drive south into Utah county, I LOVE Heindselman's Needlework shop in Provo. If I need something special for a project, that's where I go.

They all have websites if you locate them on Google maps. Just let me know which ones she'd like to visit and I'll get those maps/directions printed.



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