Wednesday All Day Layouts

HO Scale

Greg Bedlek

Great Northern Pacific

60' X 60' Scenery: 100% DC


The layout is in a 2800 sq. ft. basement.  Mainline run of 480'.  I operate with about 30 people.  4500' of HO scale track.  2500+ freight cars, 300+ passenger equipment, 300+ engines.  It is fully scenic, and is signaled and runs under CTC control, using car cards for freight, JMRI for passenger.  Web site:

2 Rail O Scale,with some On3

Ted Schnepf

The Milwaukee Road Dubuque/Iowa & Dakota divisions


4,100 Square Feet Scenery: 70% DCC


This is a large O scale (2 rail) layout based on the Milwaukee Road in northeast Iowa. The layout style is linear, multi deck, with the addition of a partial mushroom track plan. The yards and staging are generous sized, some have 90' long tracks. The line follows the Mississippi River through the large city of Dubuque (120' long), onward to the major junction at Marquette and continuing along the river to Reno, Minn.  At Marquette the line coming from Prairie du Chein, Wis. crosses the Dubuque division and climbs onto the plateau to Calmar, Ia. and beyond. There are branch lines to, West Union, and Waukon, Ia (under construction).  There are narrow gauge lines (On3) connecting at Sewell and Beulah. 

Currently two layout periods are depicted, 1929 and 1954, so steam and diesel work together.  The three hundred plus, #8 and 10 turnouts, are hand spiked, connected by commercial flex track in codes 100, 125 and 148.  The mainline curves are 7' (84") radius.  Maximum grade is 3 1/2% and is intentionally a helper grade, as on the prototype.  Other mainline grades are 1 1/2%.  Scenery is a combination of many types and about 70% complete.  The many trees are mostly natural armatures. There are several large scratch built buildings, including a 7 foot long Dubuque freight house. DCC control is by NCE.

HO Scale

Prairie Scale Modelers

100' X 60' Scenery: 75% DC


Prairie Scale Model Railroaders is an HO Scale model railroad club in Lombard, Illinois. What makes us different from most model railroad clubs is that while we have varied interests and skill-sets, we're primarily interested in prototype modeling and prototypical operations. 

We occupy a 7,200 square foot space that, a few decades ago, once housed an 8-lane bowling alley. The size and shape of this space will ultimately allow us to build a railroad with a mainline run of roughly 2,000 feet, with broad, sweeping curves and passing sidings that will accommodate 40-50 car trains. 

N Scale

Bill Denton

Kingbury Branch

12' X 2' Scenery: 75% DCC


 The Kingbury Branch is a N scale industrial switching railroad based on the Milwaukee Road's line of the same name on the near northwest side of Chicago. The main layout measures about 2 feet wide by 12 feet long of inner city switching among the brick and concrete canyons formed by the large industrial buildings. The track plan is very faithful to the prototype location as are most of the buildings. Track is a mix of code 55 Micro-Engineering and many hand laid turnouts. There is also a small 5 track staging yard attached. It is powered by Digitrax DCC and the small switchers are all equipped with ESU sound decoders. The layout first appeared in the January 1997 issue of Model Railroader and has appeared in most of the popular hobby magazines over the years.  



HO Scale

Fred Soop
Amtrak Chicago Terminal


32' X 18' Scenery: 75% DC


HO scale layout, 30 x 36 feet, 3 levels, based on Chicago Union Station and the Amtrak facilities. The Harrison/Roosevelt plant is very close to prototype with 96 switches, 30 of which are double slip at 2 switches each. Coincident Metra operations, mainly BN, are also included along with the "Race Track" as far as Naperville. The operation is essentially a simulation of the real operations with a blurred time line. Based mostly in the 1980s, the discontinued trains from earlier are included as well as some of the later additions. The BN operates 84 of the prototypes 94 daily revenue trips using 6 trainsets with a lot of deadhead moves during the rush hour. This layout has been featured in OpSig, LdSig, and Compendium of Model Railroad Operations. Pictures are available on Flickr. Enter "AmtkChiTerm" (all one word) in the search box.

HO Scale

Roger Taylor

Outer Belt & Southeastern

12' X 35' Scenery: 75% DC


My layout is called the Outer Belt & Southeastern. It is a bridge line between the C&0 and the CGW. era is 1950 thru late 1970s. The lay out is freelance style, about 23X35, 165 ft. of main line and 75 ft. of secondary trackage.  Construction was started in 2007 after the room was ready. We run a mix of passenger and freight. I have 2  OPP's  sessions a mouth with 4 to 8 operators.  The layout has all track down and is about 60% finished. The scenery is based on the eastern US with harbor switching, industry, rural and interchange traffic.   OPP's are informal with switch lists and one to two man crews, depending on the jobs.

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