5. 3 Day Vendor Reg & Public Show

6. Layout Tour #2 AM

Friday, June 28, 2019

Morning Home Layout Tour #2

Exact list of layouts TBD

8:00 am to Noon

 This is the Second of our Chicago layout tours. This week we will have a total of 8 layouts to view. Each day we will have 4 new layouts that will have a morning session and then the same tour will be repeated in the afternoon. To see all 8 layouts you will have to book a home layout tour on Wednesday.

1. Vendor - Primary

This is the 3 day Primary registration.  If you would like please sign up to join us at the Saturday Night Banquet and the Sunday Manufacturers breakfast.  This would be a great time to announce you latest products.

2. Vendor Helper

2. Vendor Helper


For each helper please sign them up too.

3. Public Show Table

Each table will be 30" X 8' covered with one tablecloth.

4. Electricity

4. Electricity


We will provide one 110 VAC source for this one time charge.  Bring a your own power strip to attactch.

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